A Physician's Generosity Enhances Patient Care

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News January 11, 2013
Retired doctor Frank Krumlovsky smiles with female staff membersExceptional patient care begins with exceptional care providers, a fact well known to Frank Krumlovsky, MD, who spent his entire 40 year career as a nephrologist (a physician specializing in kidney disorders) at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. “It struck me early in my career that, since patients have constant contact with their nurses, it’s crucial for these nurses to receive continuous educational opportunities,” said Krumlovsky. “A patient’s best friend is a well-educated, happy nurse.”

When Krumlovsky retired from medical practice and began contributing to the hospital through philanthropy, he felt that supporting nursing education would have the greatest possible impact on patient care. Krumlovsky designated a generous gift toward this goal, and the hospital created the Krumlovsky Nursing Professional Recognition Program. This program helps Northwestern Memorial nurses become recognized in their specialty area by offering certification programs, leadership forums, externships and internships. 

As the Krumlovsky Program has grown, so has the number of Northwestern Memorial nurses with advanced training and certifications. Currently, 45.2 percent of the hospital’s eligible nurses are certified, as compared to 30 percent of nurses at hospitals similar to Northwestern Memorial across the country. “The progress of the program thrills me,” said Krumlovsky. “It’s gratifying to see that Northwestern Memorial’s nurses are not only well-equipped to take the initiative in providing high-quality patient care, but also are able to advance in their careers through continuing education. I’d love to see the highest possible number of nurses receive advanced certifications and continue to make contributions to their field.”

To make a gift to Nursing Professional Development, click here. To learn more about other opportunities to support nursing at Northwestern Memorial, please contact Leslie Post-Weissinger, philanthropy director at Northwestern Memorial Foundation.
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