A Poem for Carter Belle. Love, Papi

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News October 29, 2013
Little Carter Belle Moulton received a pretty unique gift from her grandfather right after she was born on May 3, 2013 at Prentice Women’s Hospital.

New born baby Carter Belle Moulton being heldIt was a poem describing her first few days of life.

Gary F. Margolis’s is the author of four books of poems and an associate professor of English and American Literatures at Middlebury College in Vermont. Carter Belle is his second granddaughter.

Prentice Hospital in Chicago

Upstairs, the others sleeping

on their drips.

One floor down,

the recovering, dozing,

not sure yet if they’re here.

In between, the newborns

in their plastic, swaddling

cribs. Blind to the sail boating

lake, three highways

and a park away. Deaf

to the traffic on the texting,

jammed-up lakeshore drive.

All their senses waiting

in their bodies’ nursery room.

Not knowing if that’s a moan

above them dripping down,

or waking, up from a drugged

and empty sleep. Or if that o

on their sucking lips is a cry

born to bear a painless word. 

Gary Margolis lives with his wife, Wendy Lynch, in Cornwall, Vermont. His daughter and Carter’s mom, Ariana Moulton teaches third grade at Lincoln Elementary School in Chicago. Her husband, Josh Moulton, is an artist and owns the Josh Moulton Gallery on Clark.

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