Are You at Risk for Stroke?

Northwestern Medicine
Neurosciences October 09, 2012
Stroke is the fourth leading cause of death in the United States and the leading cause of adult disability – every 40 seconds someone has a stroke in this country. While stroke can happen to anyone, regardless of age, race or sex, CT scan image of the brainknowing your risk factors is a powerful tool for prevention.

Some risk factors for stroke are impossible to change, such as age, ethnicity or hereditary factors, but others are lifestyle based, including high blood pressure, smoking, high cholesterol, poor diet, obesity and lack of physical activity. Risk increases after age 55, though a stroke is possible at any age. African-Americans are at higher risk than Caucasians and men have a slightly higher occurrence than women. Family history is also an important indicator of a person’s stroke risk.

Recognizing your risk factors and making healthy lifestyle choices to manage those that are controllable, may help minimize your chance of having a stroke.

Check out this online health assessment to learn more about your personal risk factors and what you can do to prevent stroke.
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