Avoid Back and Neck Pain While Working from Home

Northwestern Medicine
Neurosciences March 26, 2020
Attribute to: Sheri Dewan, MD, neurosurgeon at Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital and Northwestern Medicine Delnor Hospital
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After weeks of hunching over a laptop during this period of physical distancing, you may be missing your ergonomic desk and chair. Here are some tips for avoiding neck and back pain while you work from home.

  • Move. Whether you are working from the couch or at the dining room table, keep on moving. Get up and walk around every 30 to 45 minutes. Change positions frequently.
  • Avoid hunching your shoulders. When you slouch over a laptop it increases the curve on your spine causing pain and muscle spasm. When you are on your laptop or cell phone, keep your neck and back in a neutral position. Use books to stack under your laptop and hold your cellphone at eye level.
  • Engage your core! When we slouch or lean over a laptop we aren’t using our core. Think about pulling your belly button back toward your lower spine to maintain proper posture while sitting.

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