Breakthroughs in Pelvic Health Treatment Restore Quality of Life

Northwestern Medicine
Women's Health April 07, 2014
Nurse Kelly SchwartzKelly Schwartz, a nurse from St. Louis, wanted her life back to normal. So she traveled to Chicago to meet with the team at Northwestern Medicine’s Integrated Pelvic Health Program. The specialists work together to create a comprehensive personalized treatment for pelvic health conditions, which can be complications from hysterectomies or simply signs of aging. In Kelly’s case, treatment meant a non-invasive procedure that accelerated recovery so she could return to the life she loves. 

Learn how Kimberly S. Kenton, MD, and Anne-Marie Boller, MD, create comprehensive, individualized treatment for patients with pelvic floor disorders. 

If we can do this for Kelly, imagine what we can do for you. Call 312.694.6066 for more information.
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