Calling All Girlfriends! Free "Women's Heart Matters" Lecture on November 12

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News November 06, 2013
Heart disease – it’s not just for men.

Ranya N. Sweis, MDMany are surprised to learn cardiovascular disease kills more women in America every year than all cancers, lung disease, Alzheimer’s disease and accidents combined.

Women’s heart disease often presents different symptoms than in men. During a heart attack, for instance, a woman might not feel chest pain or the feeling that a tremendous weight is on her chest. Instead, she might feel more of a sudden change in energy, extreme fatigue, dizziness or upper back pressure or pain.

There are many factors, including diabetes, high cholesterol, smoking and high blood pressure, which put women at risk for heart disease. As an interventional cardiologist, I would like to invite you to learn a little more about how we can work together on treatment and prevention on Tuesday, November 12.

From noon to 1 p.m., I’ll be speaking on “Prevention and Management of Coronary Artery Disease,” a lecture that is part of our Women’s Heart Matters series. The lecture is free and there will be time for questions.

It’s located in Prentice Women’s Hospital’s Canning Auditorium. At Northwestern Memorial Hospital, we work everyday to educate and treat women with heart disease, to research its causes and find solutions. Stop by over your lunch hour and bring your mother, sister or friends with you. To register, call 312.926.8400.
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