Do You Have a Medical Question? We Can Help

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Health and Wellness November 05, 2013
With more healthcare information available online than ever before, it’s easy to turn to the internet both before and after a doctor’s visit.

Sphygmomanometer with a StethoscopeThe web can be a great resource when you want to read up on a new diagnosis, treatment or health condition, but “Dr. Google” can sometimes be overwhelming, or worse, lead to inaccurate self-diagnosis and misinformation. The Alberto Culver Health Learning Center at Northwestern Memorial Hospital is dedicated to bringing patients, family and staff the most trusted and reliable health information. Our staff can help guide you to the credible sites and identify current, accurate, and evidence- based information.

In addition to reference services, you can also visit the Alberto Culver Health Learning Center for personalized health coaching on a variety of topics, ranging from nutrition and diet to smoking cessation. Our certified health education specialists meets with hundreds of patients every year to help them overcome barriers and make sustainable, long-term lifestyle changes. The one-on-one sessions take place in a comfortable, private office space and our health education team uses a variety of teaching tools (from anatomical models to interactive applications) to enhance the experience. We work closely with the clinicians at the hospital to ensure that each health education session supports and enhances the information received in the clinic.

Our health education and reference services are completely free. If you have a health education or reference request, you can stop into the Alberto Culver Health Learning Center on the third floor of the Galter Pavilion, call us at 312.926.LINK (5465) or email today.

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