Don't Let The Summertime Wreck your Waistline

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Health and Wellness May 24, 2012

Fattening FoodsThis weekend marks the unofficial start of summer, and with it comes the excitement of long summer days by the pool, barbeques and baseball games. We are also all tempted by high calorie foods that always seem to be present at these events. Even though fattening foods may be abundant, there are small modifications that you can make to your diet to stay slim this summer. In fact, I always tell my patients that this is the perfect time of year to develop healthy lifestyle habits because of the large amount of fresh fruits and veggies that are available.

For example, at your backyard barbeque, be sure your menu includes options that are low in calories and fat. Choose lean cuts of beef or chicken and turkey or salmon burgers served on wheat buns. Grilled vegetables baked chips and potato salad made with light mayonnaise make great side items. To satisfy your sweet tooth, consider grilling pineapple or set out fresh fruit with a low-fat yogurt dip.

Another way to spend a summer afternoon is a trip to the Farmer’s Market. It’s not only a fun activity to do with your family, but encourages healthy eating habits too! After you purchase your fresh produce, place the healthiest items you bought at eye level in the refrigerator. Research shows that you will eat more of what’s in your direct line of vision. At my house, we always have a large fruit bowl in the front of the fridge ready to bring to the table for dessert.

The most important thing to remember is that you can still indulge in your favorite summer treats without sidelining your diet or sacrificing good taste.

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