Don't Suffer in Silence with Pelvic Floor Disorder

Northwestern Medicine
Women's Health November 04, 2013
It’s a common condition many women would rather not discuss — pelvic floor disorders that can trigger urine leakage, bowel control problems or an uncomfortable dropping of the bladder, uterus and rectum known as pelvic organ prolapse.

Dr. Kimberly S. KentonPelvic floor disorders (PFDs) effect as many as 1 out of every 4 women. While common, they aren’t a normal part of aging and can be successfully treated. Northwestern Medicine® is hosting a “Break Free From PFDs” event from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. on November 13 to offer women a chance to learn about PFDs and different minimally invasive surgical and non-surgical treatment options. Admission is free.

“Women with pelvic floor disorders start to modify their lives so they don’t participate in activities,” said Dr. Kimberly S. Kenton, director of the Northwestern Medicine® Integrated Pelvic Health Program and chief of female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery at Northwestern’s Prentice Women’s Hospital and Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. “With new minimally invasive surgical options, women can go back to whatever they want to do within days to weeks after surgery. They can go running, working out or hang out with the kids or grandkids.”

Before resuming an active lifestyle, women need to seek treatment, which is often the biggest hurdle for those with a PFD.

Northwestern’s unique Integrated Pelvic Health Program combines experts in urogynecology, urology, colon and rectal surgery, and physical therapy, a group that leads nationally in both treatment and research for women with PFDs. It’s center in downtown Chicago combines multidisciplinary fields for a one-stop place for women seeking relief from pelvic floor disorders.

Anne-Marie Boller, MDStephanie Kielb, MD, and John Hairston, MD, will join Kenton from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. November 13 at Prentice Women’s Hospital, Conference Room L (North), 250 East Superior, Chicago. A similar event will be held November 14 at Northwestern Medicine’s Glenview Outpatient Center, 2701 Patriot Boulevard, Glenview.

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