Dr. Giles Discusses the Northwestern Medicine Developmental Therapeutics Institute

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Clinical Trials and Research June 02, 2014
Frank Giles, MD, director of NMDTIThe Northwestern Medicine® Developmental Therapeutics Institute (NMDTI) is dedicated to providing patients in need of a new treatment option with access to novel therapies using early phase human clinical trials. Since its inception in 2013 as an outpatient service, the NMDTI has experienced rapid growth. The need for access to novel therapies has been so high that plans to expand NMDTI are already underway, which will allow continuous outpatient access for patients, as well as inpatient services.

In addition to providing access to therapies in early phase human clinical trials, NMDTI conducts tissue-agnostic targeted-agent studies. These studies look at treatments developed to target specific abnormalities of a disease’s genetic code, and then identify other diseases that share the same genetic targets, even if they may appear to be different clinically. If a disease does share the same genetic targets as another that has a treatment designed to interact with those same genetic targets, NMDTI wants to see if it may also be treatable using the same approach.

Listen to Frank Giles, MD, director of NMDTI and associate director for translational research and developmental therapeutics at the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University, in the video below describe the work of NMDTI and who can benefit from its work.

Focused on accelerating the translation of preclinical science breakthroughs into better therapies for patients, NMDTI was established with support from the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, and Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

To learn more about NMDTI and how to enroll in a Developmental Therapeutics Clinical Trial, call 312.472.1234.
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