Expanding the Audience for Organ Donors

Northwestern Medicine
Organ Donation and Transplantation April 04, 2014
Lindsay Porter in the pool with a boyFor those in need of an organ transplant, securing an organ that is compatible can be extremely difficult. But when Lindsay Porter came to Northwestern Medicine’s Kovler Organ Transplantation Center in need of a kidney transplant, she met Joseph Leventhal, MD, who was able to provide her with a new kind of stem cell therapy to improve her transplant compatibility. Using stem cells from the kidney donor, Northwestern Medicine specialists were able to create a “dual immune system” for Lindsay that allowed her body to treat her new kidney as if it were another part of her own body.  

Take a look at the video below with Joseph Leventhal, MD, the director of kidney and pancreas transplantation at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, discussing how Northwestern Medicine uses organ donor stem cells to create a “dual immune system” to improve transplant outcomes.
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