Expert Skincare Secrets-Stavonnie Patterson, MD

Northwestern Medicine
Dermatology April 23, 2014
Stavonnie S.L. Patterson, MD, dermatologist at Northwestern Medicine, provides three expert skincare secrets that everyone should know and use.

Want to learn more skincare secrets? Patterson will also be presenting at Northwestern Medicine’s "LivingWell: A 360 Degree Approach to Health and Happiness" next Tuesday, April 29, starting at 5:00 p.m.

Other health presentations at Tuesday’s event will include:
  • The latest Diet Trends and Myths Debunked
  • Pain in the Neck and Back
  • Mindful Moments in Meditation
  • Stability, Strength and Balance
To register for the event, visit the event’s page online or call 877.926.4664.
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