Happy 15th Anniversary to Feinberg/Galter Pavilions

Northwestern Medicine
News May 01, 2014
Exactly 15 years ago today, the Feinberg and Galter pavilions opened their doors to patients on the campus of Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Check out the video below to learn more about this special anniversary.

15 Fun Facts about Feinberg/Galter:

  1. “Caring for Today, Building for Tomorrow” was the slogan of the 1989-95 fundraising campaign for the new Northwestern Memorial Hospital.
  2. A jar filled with pre-Chicago Fire sand from Streeterville construction site was the symbolic gift that was presented to guests at the groundbreaking ceremony in October 1994.
  3. 5,000 construction jobs were created between 1994 and 1999 for the Redevelopment Project.
  4. Enough concrete was used in the building of Galter and Feinberg Pavilions to construct a sidewalk from Chicago to Minneapolis.
  5. More than $1 million in construction projects went to women and minority-owned businesses.
  6. Galter and Feinberg Pavilions featured 44 elevators, more than the Otis Elevator Company had ever installed in one project.
  7. As part of the Topping Out ceremony in October 1996, guests were invited to autograph the ceremonial beam before it was lifted to the top of building.
  8. 8 grand opening events were scheduled to accommodate groups involved with the new hospital.
  9. Natalie Cole was the musical performer at the Black Tie Gala Event for major donors to the new hospital.
  10. The keynote address for the hospital’s dedication ceremony was given by First Lady Hillary Clinton.
  11. Move Day was May 1, 1999. It took 4 hours to transfer 248 patients from Wesley, Passavant and Olson Pavilions to Feinberg Pavilion.
  12. 12.   61 patient transport move teams participated is escorting patients to their new rooms.
  13. The first patients moved into the new hospital each received a welcoming gift of a Fleece blanket with our name and logo stitched on
  14. In the 14-day period following patient move, 88 hospital departments were relocated.  As a result of the move, 85,000 pieces of office furniture were moved into Feinberg and Galter Pavilions.
  15. Within 2 months of moving into Galter and Feinberg Pavilions the 908 telephone prefix was phased out at the hospital.

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