Former Patient Drops off 'Comfort Kits' to Cancer Patients at Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital

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Cancer Care/Oncology March 28, 2016
Former cancer patient Susan Pucin with her kids dropped off comfort kits for breast cancer patientsPatients coming to the Hunter Family Center for Women's Health at Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital have a lot on their minds -- questions about their diagnosis, possible side effects of treatment, future appointments to schedule and more.
But, thanks to Susan Pucin, more than 20 women with breast cancer will have a few less things to worry about. With her two children in tow, Pucin recently dropped off “comfort kits” especially tailored for breast cancer patients going through chemotherapy and full of gifts such as lemon drops, hand lotion, blankets and homemade cards from students at St. Joseph Catholic School in Libertyville. These beautiful “comfort kits” were the result of generous donations from more than 40 local women who wanted to make a difference. 

Standing in the lobby of the Hunter Family Center with patients and physicians rushing to and from appointments is a scene Susan Pucin, of Gurnee, is familiar with. About six years ago she received some test results showing some high risk findings that required breast surgery but luckily, no cancer.

“I believe good acts are contagious,” Pucin said. “Volunteers helped put these bags together, kids gave up their time to make cards and people contributed money all to brighten the day for patients with cancer.  I hope this spreads and encourages more people to help others.”

Six years ago was also when Pucin met Jennifer Tepper, RN, a nurse navigator at Lake Forest Hospital. Two full-time nurse navigators have been helping patients at the hospital and the Grayslake Outpatient Center since 2006. 
“If a patient receives an abnormal mammogram or pathology results show breast cancer, we step in,” Tepper said. “We provide information, coordination, and support throughout the continuum of breast cancer treatment. The bags Susan provided are going to bring great comfort and support to our patients who are receiving chemotherapy.”
Dean Tsarwhas, MD, medical director of oncology services at Northwestern Medicine's Lake Forest Hospital and Grayslake Outpatient Center, also stopped by to thank Pucin for thinking of the hospital’s oncology patients.

“After more than two decades of treating cancer patients, I know that acts of kindness like this are not forgotten,” said Tsarwhas. “At Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital, we have an outstanding clinical team, including oncologists, nurse navigators and even people like Susan who are there for our patients throughout their cancer treatment journey.”

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