Get the Facts About Prostate Cancer and Who Should be Screened

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Cancer Care/Oncology May 01, 2015
One of the most important men’s health issues today is prostate cancer, the most common form of cancer for men in America according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Between one in six and one in nine men in this country will develop prostate cancer. When diagnosed early through appropriate screening, prostate cancer is much easier to treat effectively.

However, many men do not schedule regular health check-ups and screenings with their doctor, which can lead to a serious problem if prostate cancer is present and is left undiagnosed. According to Northwestern Medicine urologist, Joshua Meeks, MD, PhD, this is especially problematic since prostate cancer usually never causes men to experience any symptoms that would prompt a visit to the doctor until it has spread to other parts of the body or grown large in size.

In this video Dr. Meeks, who is also a member of the Robert H. Lurie Cancer Center of Northwestern University, discusses the basics of what every man should know about prostate cancer.

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