Getting the Most Out of Your Doctor's Appointment

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Health and Wellness August 29, 2012

Clyde W. Yancy, MDVisiting your doctor is hardly ever a low stress moment. You want to be informed, so you can make the best decision for you and your family. This is even more the case when you are seeing a specialist. Since time is at a premium, what are some of the key considerations or questions that matter most when you see your physician? Clyde Yancy, MD, chief of cardiology at Northwestern Memorial, says to start with these five easy questions. This way you can go into your appointment feeling confident that you’re asking the right ones.

  1. What are your thoughts about my condition?
  2. What should I do differently regarding my health status?
  3. Are there any specific tests, new medicines or new directions involved?
  4. Do I need to see you again, and if so, when?
  5. How may I contact you or your office? You may have forgotten some of your questions during the appointment, so it’s smart to have someone who you can call if you have any follow up questions.

Before your next doctor’s appointment, take a few minutes to fill out this survey and find out some important information about your heart health. It will provide you with your heart age, which can be higher or lower than your birth age, 10-year cardiovascular disease risk and cardiovascular risk factors. Understanding your personal risk can help facilitate a better conversation with your physician about preventive steps you can take to avoid heart disease.

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