Gingerbread Village Lifts Holiday Spirits at Northwestern Medicine Palos Hospital

Northwestern Medicine
News December 20, 2021
A sweet team-building exercise at Northwestern Medicine Palos Hospital gave rise to a full neighborhood of gingerbread houses for all staff to enjoy this holiday season. 39 hospital departments participated in a friendly design competition by intricately constructing and decorating houses, each with a unique theme.

For example, the "Healthy Nut House" is decorated with nuts and dried fruits. "Up Up and Away" features balloons made of gumballs above a perfect replica of the house from the Pixar feature film “Up”. The "It’s a Wonderful Life" house encourages viewers to find nine characters and iconic items from the classic holiday movie.

One participant commented, "This Ginger Bread House contest brought people to work together and work to achieve the common goal. It made us realize that every individual has something to offer and if we tend to work together as a team, we are better. Together we are better!"  Another participant added, "This was really a morale booster. Love it and the enthusiasm everyone had to participate."

The Palos Hospital leadership team and staff voted on the houses. The winning departments will enjoy a pizza party.

The winning entries are:
Most Creative: We're Up to Snow Good - inpatient Therapy Team
We're Up to Snow Good Gingerbread House

Festive Favorite: Candy Cottage - Laboratory Team

Executive Favorite: Fantasy Woodland - PACU Team

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