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Health and Wellness September 12, 2016

At 78 years old, one of Jim Motsch’s favorite activities is to play baseball with his grandson. When he started experiencing issues with his balance, simple hobbies like playing catch became difficult and unsafe. "I had a hard time with the day-to-day activities,” said Motsch. “Getting up after gardening was a challenge, and I couldn’t keep steady when I closed my eyes to wash my face in the morning.”

Thanks to physical therapy sessions at Northwestern Medicine Delnor Health and Fitness Center, Motsch is now back on the baseball field. And when he came close to a fall recently while playing baseball with his grandson at a local park, his time in physical therapy helped keep him stable.

“As my grandson stood in center field, he tried to hit baseballs over the backstop behind where I was standing at home plate,” said Motsch. “Then, he hit a line drive right towards me. I knew I couldn’t catch it, but I didn’t want to get hurt so I spun around to avoid the ball and was able to balance!”

Looking back on his time at Delnor Health and Fitness Center, Motsch said, “Once I started physical therapy, the improvements were noticeable as each week passed. My leg strength and ability to balance now give me the confidence to enjoy everyday life again.”

Motsch’s journey to strength and stability highlights the importance of falls prevention awareness. Simple steps and information can help individuals remain safe to avoid health setbacks related to a fall.

On Thursday, September 22, Northwestern Medicine will host its third annual Falls Prevention Awareness Day. The system-wide event highlights Northwestern Medicine expertise and resources for patients and local communities. There will be information and screening booths at nine different Northwestern Medicine locations around Chicagoland. Employees, patients and members of the community are encouraged to attend.

Booths open from 10 am–2 pm:
Booth open from 11 am–1 pm: Services at the booths are free and no registration is required.
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