Happy, Healthy Halloween

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Health and Wellness October 31, 2014
The spookiest and sweetest time of year is upon us. There will be tons of unhealthy food tempting you this Halloween weekend, but don’t be afraid. There are a few tips for everyone to have a healthier Halloween.

You don’t have to completely miss out on all the Halloween fun. Instead, compromise. If you’re in the mood for a salty treat, opt for pretzels over potato chips. You’ll satisfy your craving and pretzels don’t have any saturated fat unlike typical potato chips. You could even pass out mini bags of pretzels to trick or treaters to give them a healthy option.

Another healthy option is to buy 100 calorie packs of kids' favorite snacks. It’s much healthier to indulge when your portions are controlled. This tip is also useful all year round. It’s all too tempting to inhale an entire family size bag of potato chips if they’re sitting right in front of you. A prepackaged amount within a healthy limit will allow you to avoid overeating.

While you don't have to cut all the goodies out of your weekend and hand out green juices to all the little trick or treaters who come to your door, you can still make your options more health conscious while staying in the spirit of the holiday. Remember even small adjustments to your diet and portion control can greatly impact your health this weekend and the rest of the year. Have a happy, healthy Halloween! 

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