Here's How to Stay Fit at the Office

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Health and Wellness June 24, 2013
Melissa Mellady, MS with Windy City Live co-hostToo many Americans work long hours inside an office and do not exercise before or after work. Melissa Mellady, MS, a Northwestern Medicine exercise physiologist, recently appeared on Windy City LIVE  and gave some great tips on how to keep fit at work. So, if you’re reading this blog at your desk while hurrying to finish lunch before a big meeting, she’s talking to you.

• Move more. Move often. Even if you just walk around your office or take a few laps around the block, avoid sitting in one place for too long.

• Keep stability balls, resistance bands and small hand weights by your desk for quick mini-workouts.

• Try a walking meeting. Instead of circling around the same old conference table, take your next staff meeting outside.

• Stand up. Use a headset for conference calls and walk around your office.

• Deliver that message in person. Instead of responding to your co-worker via email, walk on over and deliver that message face-to-face.

• Stand up. Every 30 minutes or so, stand up, stretch and take a few deep breaths.

Now, don’t you feel healthier already?

Click here to watch Melissa Mellady’s full Windy City Live appearance.

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