How One Patient Changed a Doctor's Life Forever

Northwestern Medicine
Gastroenterology March 02, 2012
When I meet with physicians to learn about what is new in their areas of expertise, I often hear inspirational patient stories, interesting tales of why these doctors chose medicine as their profession and details of how individual patients have impacted their lives. 

In 2000, John Pandolfino, MD, gastroenterologist and the director of the Esophageal Center at Northwestern, was just a young Northwestern GI fellow when he started treating a man named Mario “Motts” Tonelli, a former athlete and World War II veteran. During the three years Pandolfino treated Tonelli, Tonelli shared personal stories of trials and tribulations, which left a lasting impression on the doctor.

No one can tell the story quite like Dr. Pandolfino, so I believe you should hear it directly from him.

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