Listen To Your Mother: Two Prentice Moms Perform

Northwestern Medicine
News April 29, 2014
Keely Flynn and Lea Grover with their familiesMother’s Day may be a few weeks away, but two “Northwestern Moms” will be celebrating early on stage.
Keely Flynn, mother of three, and Lea Grover, also a mother of three, are both performing on May 4th in “Listen To Your Mother.” The show gives female bloggers around the country a chance to share their thoughts on motherhood — the good, bad and wonderful.

The Chicago show is sponsored by Northwestern Medicine, and Lea and Keely were kind enough to reflect on their experiences with Northwestern.

Keely Flynn:
 “I tell people all the time, Prentice Women’s Hospital was just so bright and lovely and clean. Aside from having multiple C-sections it was sort of this long lovely weekend away. I can't say enough about our nurses. The nurses, I just want to hug all the nurses. It’s non-stop for them and the stuff they deal with day in or day out with new parents and new babies  — that's such a talent.

I would tell new moms to go with the flow. Birth plans are great, but at the end of the day if you're healthy and your kids come out any which way, that’s fantastic. Don't feel like you need to entertain a lot of visitors. Don't feel like you need to dress. Take the medicine, drink the water, walk around. I feel like I had a really good staff looking out for my kids but also me as a person.”

The Northwestern connection with the show is really meaningful to me. I had complications throughout my pregnancies and always felt in such good hands with Prentice.”

Lea Grover:  “I'd say I consider myself part of the Northwestern Memorial Hospital Family, first and foremost. The day after my husband and I got engaged, he had a grand mal seizure and was rushed to NMH. They found out he had stage four brain cancer. The neuro-oncologist he met with there, that day, got him into a medical trial that saved his life.

We've had a very many strangely romantic moments in the NMH complexes. It's where I went for medical care during my pregnancies, it's where we go still for my husband's ongoing care, and it's where I go whenever some catastrophe strikes that necessitates a visit to the ER. (And with three small children, that's more often than you'd think.) It's hard to say I'm happy about it, exactly, because we've had more than our fair share of medical drama... but I'm comforted by it. I trust Northwestern, all the Northwestern Hospitals. More than any other hospital system in the world.”

Northwestern Medicine is a sponsor of the show, held at 2 p.m. Sunday, May 4th at the Athenaeum Theatre, 2936 N. Southport Ave., Chicago. For tickets, visit the website, call 773.935.6875 or visit the box office.

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