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News June 17, 2013
Dr. Allen S AndersonDr. Allen S. Anderson is the new medical director of the Center for Heart Failure and director of Network Development for Northwestern's Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute. He is also a professor of medicine at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.

Name: Allen Anderson, MD

Specialty:  Cardiology, Heart Failure and Transplantation

Why did you choose your specialty? I always wanted to be a physician.  My dad had lifelong cardiac problems so I became interested in cardiology at an early age.  I discovered during fellowship that I really enjoyed caring for heart failure (HF) patients.  I was lucky to enter a field that was just blossoming with respect to therapies, so I had the opportunity to care for really sick people who could be helped with novel evolving therapies. 

What do you like most about being a physician? Figuring out the puzzle of a challenging diagnosis.  Helping patients regain a good quality of life.

What types of patients and conditions do you treat?  Heart failure at all stages, patients who need or have heart transplants, patients with obscure cardiovascular conditions.

What is your philosophy for practicing medicine?  My job is to help patients regain their health to do the things they want to do in life.  I provide them with the information they need to make informed decisions about their condition.

What do you think your patients should know about you?  I want to be their partner and will always do my best to give understandable, straightforward answers.

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