Naperville 7th Grader's "Band-Aid" Bash Collects Colorful Band-Aids and Toys for Children at Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital

Northwestern Medicine
News January 11, 2018

When 12-year-old Rachel Boudeman, of Naperville, was a toddler she underwent surgery to remove a large tumor from her abdomen and pelvis.  Although, she was very young, she has two very distinct memories from that Christmas Eve surgery – picking out her very own colorful Band-Aid and receiving a giant Dora doll. 

To ensure other children at Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital have the same uplifting experience, Rachel and her mother, Adri, have been hosting a yearly “Band-Aid Bash” party.  Invitees are encouraged to bring boxes of “fun” Band-Aids and a toy to donate to the hospital.

“Although it was a scary experience for all of us, I have such great memories of all the generosity at the hospital over the holiday season,” said Rachel.

The Band-Aids resupply the Child Life Band-Aid Binder, a big scrapbook that young patients are invited to flip through to choose their own Band-Aid after a procedure such as a blood draw, insulin shot, or removal of an IV.

“Kids don’t get to make a lot of choices while in the hospital,” said Dora Castro-Ahillen, Child Life coordinator at Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital.  “Allowing children to pick out a Band-Aid featuring their favorite character or design gives them some control during what can be a scary situation.”

The party on December 17th was the biggest yet with over 100 guests. Moms and daughters enjoyed food, drink, karaoke and disco dancing.

“It was Rachel who initiated the donation. We always remember Rachel’s surgery during the holidays and about four years ago Rachel decided she wanted donate Band-Aids and toys,” said Adri. “Her heart really goes out to the kids who are in the hospital over the holidays.”

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