New Prostate Cancer Study Offers Hope

Northwestern Medicine
Cancer Care/Oncology January 17, 2017

Edward Schaeffer, MD, PhD, Chair of Urology and Northwestern Memorial HospitalResearchers at Harvard Medical School discovered a new way to tell if prostate cancer can return and potentially cause death even after initial treatment. Edward Schaeffer, MD, PhD, Chair of Urology at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, shared his thoughts on the study with WBBM’s Rob Hart.

“The study allows doctors to catch problems much earlier than in the past. Men whose PSA levels are above 0.5 after treatment need closer monitoring,” said Dr. Schaeffer. “By doing that, you may be able to help patients be more proactive about their follow-up, and their subsequent treatment after radiation therapy. ​

​1 in 7 men will get prostate cancer. However, if detected early it is nearly 100 percent treatable. Dr. Schaeffer encourages all men to discuss with their doctor if they should get tested for prostate cancer.

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