Northwestern Fertility and Reproductive Medicine Moves to 259 E. Erie Street

Northwestern Medicine
News June 12, 2015
Northwestern Fertility and Reproductive Medicine is moving to a new technologically-advanced and highly personalized clinical space on June 15, the latest addition to the one-million square foot Northwestern Medicine® outpatient pavilion at 259 E. Erie Street on its downtown Chicago campus, home to Northwestern Memorial Hospital and Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.

“When designing this new space we prioritized patient care in a private and highly personalized setting,” said Jared Robins, MD, division chief of Northwestern Fertility and Reproductive Medicine. “Our clinical space is designed to promote relaxation, comfort and efficiency, and we now offer one of the most sophisticated in vitro fertilization (IVF) laboratories in the country.”
Northwestern Fertility and Reproductive Medicine is widely regarded as one of the most successful fertility programs in the nation. They are recognized experts in fertility preservation, utilizing an array of techniques to maintain fertility for patients with cancer or other conditions putting their fertility at risk.

The new offices, surgical suite and ultrasound rooms and laboratories are on the 24th floor of 259 E. Erie Street, offering stunning views of both Lake Michigan and the Chicago skyline. The new space triples the amount of the practice’s previous clinical space, from approximately 5,000 square feet to approximately 18,000 spare feet. 

The expanded Northwestern Fertility and Reproductive Medicine includes: 
  • Separate rooms for surgical procedures and embryo transfers, recognizing the transfer as a special moment for those seeking to build their families through IVF;
  • A innovative IVF lab that includes a customized air handling system, removing harmful volatile organic compounds, airborne germs and invisible dust from the room air;
  • The most advanced embryo incubator system available, which uses time lapse video to track development without having to expose embryos to harmful changes in temperature and environment. This continuous monitoring of embryo development enables our expert technicians to choose the highest quality embryos for transfer;
  • Convenient new space for routine ultrasounds and lab work designed to quickly get patients in and out before their work days begin;
  • Private space to meet with the division’s two PhD clinical psychologists who help patients navigate the emotional toll of infertility;
  • A dedicated area for clinical research.
“Every day our team of experienced physicians, nurses and staff work together to help our patients achieve their dreams of building families, often against great medical odds,” said Robins, who is also an associate professor in obstetrics and gynecology - reproductive endocrinology and infertility at the Feinberg School. “We are proud to offer a space that reflects our investment in these dreams and our continuing goal to help build families in the days and years to come.” 

Learn more information about Northwestern Fertility and Reproductive Medicine, or to make an appointment, call 312.695.7269.

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