Northwestern Medicine Sponsors Healthy Cooking Classes for Chicago Residents

Northwestern Medicine
Health and Wellness March 18, 2014
People gathered around a table of food for cooking classJaney Chatman of Chicago wanted to eat healthier, but there was one big problem.

She didn’t know how to cook.

Now a proud graduate of Cooking Matters, a partnership of several community organizations sponsored by Northwestern Medicine® , Chatman has lost weight, lowered her cholesterol and is preparing home-cooked meals like roasted broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts with the ease of a seasoned chef.

I have been re-educated and I appreciate it,” Chatman said.

March is National Nutrition Month, a time to talk about the importance and enjoyment that can come from preparing a healthy, balanced meal. Northwestern Medicine teamed up with the Near North Health Services Corporation and Cooking Matters to offer basic cooking classes to Humboldt Park residents. The classes are held at the Kelly Hall YMCA, another Northwestern Medicine partner on Chicago’s West Side in offering health and wellness classes to the broader community.

“People want to change,” said Lilah Handler, Cooking Matters instructor. “That’s why it’s so impactful. In the end it’s a really great time.”

Almost three out of every four Cooking Matters graduates move on to an advanced cooking class called “A Taste Around the World,” said Dale Cain, the Cooking for Health Program Coordinator at Near North Health Services Corporation.

“Our students struggle with diabetes, they struggle with hypertension,” Cain said. “You can manage that with diet and exercise. What Northwestern has done is well needed and the community is really, really appreciative.

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