Northwestern Medicine Physician Cared for Team USA at the World Cup

Northwestern Medicine
News July 11, 2014
Northwestern Medicine® emergency and sports medicine physician George Chiampas, DO, served as the head team physician for the U.S. Men’s National Team during the World Cup in Brazil. Chiampas was with the team for eight weeks leading up to the World Cup and was on the sideline for each of U.S. matches in Brazil.

“Being a part of this tremendous team and representing the United States at the World Cup is something that I’ll never forget – it’s probably one of the highlights of my professional career,” said Chiampas. “It was a great experience to see the Brazilians and people from across the world support and love this game.”

Chiampas began working with US Soccer youth programs eight years ago and has traveled internationally with the Men’s National Team for six years; this was his first experience at the World Cup. In his role, Chiampas works with a team of athletic trainers, nutritionists, fitness coaches and massage therapists to oversee the athletes’ performance and address any medical issues, including in-game injuries.

“I was proud to be part of this team of 50 individuals who all worked hard to ensure the team had everything they needed, were fit and mentally good,” said Chiampas, who will take on the expanded role of Chief Medical Officer for US Soccer in September. “It was a humbling experience and I’m excited about the future with United States Soccer.”
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