Northwestern Medicine Congratulates Medical Staff Members Named as 'Top Doctors' by Chicago Magazine

Northwestern Medicine
News January 13, 2016
James Chandler, MDJames Chandler, MD, co-director of the Northwestern Brain Tumor Institute and surgical director of neuro-oncology at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, was featured in Chicago Magazine’s Top Doctors issue for being internationally renowned in the area of endoscopic skull base surgery. Chandler has performed more than 4,000 brain tumor operations.

Congratulations to the more than 70 physicians on the medical staffs of Northwestern Medicine hospitals who were named to the 2016 Chicago magazine list of Top Doctors. For the full list and an explanation of how Top Doctors are chosen, visit Chicago magazine

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Top Doctors:

Northwestern Memorial Hospital
  • Paul A. Greenberger, MD, allergy and immunology         
  • Leslie C. Grammer, MD, allergy and immunology      
  • Bradley P. Knight, MD, cardiac electrophysiology         
  • Dan Fintel, MD, cardiovascular disease       
  • Stuart Rich, MD, cardiovascular disease      
  • Robert O. Bonow, MD, cardiovascular disease        
  • David J. Mehlman, MD, cardiovascular disease 
  • Marcia Slomowitz, MD, child and adolescent psychiatry
  • Lee P. Shulman, MD, clinical genetics        
  • Steven J. Stryker, MD, colon and rectal surgery        
  • Scott A. Strong, MD, colon and rectal surgery        
  • Jerome M. Garden, MD, dermatology 
  • Amy S. Paller, MD, dermatology 
  • Frank H. Miller, MD, diagnostic radiology       
  • Peter A. Kopp, MD, endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism      
  • Stephen B. Hanauer, MD, gastroenterology       
  • Peter J. Kahrilas, MD, gastroenterology          
  • Arvydas D. Vanagunas, MD, gastroenterology         
  • John R. Lurain III, MD, gynecologic oncology       
  • Daniel J. Nagle, MD, hand surgery 
  • Seema Singhal, MD, hematology   
  • Leo I. Gordon, MD, hematology     
  • Jane Norma Winter, MD, hematology 
  • John P. Flaherty, MD, infectious disease       
  • Susan Ellen Cohn, MD, infectious disease        
  • Richard Kleven Burt, MD, internal medicine      
  • Michael L. Socol, MD, maternal and fetal medicine        
  • Timothy M. Kuzel, MD, medical oncology       
  • Al Bowen Benson III, MD, medical oncology       
  • William J. Gradishar, MD, medical oncology            
  • James P. Chandler, MD, neurological surgery
  • Richard A. Bernstein, MD, neurology       
  • Marsel Mesulam, MD, neurology         
  • Timothy C. Hain, MD, neurology
  • Allan M. Burke, MD, neurology         
  • Teepu Siddique, MD, neurology     
  • Eric J. Russell, MD, neuroradiology     
  • Gary L. Dillehay, MD, nuclear medicine          
  • Kimberly S. Kenton, MD, obstetrics and gynecology     
  • Nicholas J. Volpe, MD, ophthalmology          
  • Michael A. Rosenberg, MD, ophthalmology
  • Robert S. Feder, MD, ophthalmology
  • Terrance D. Peabody, MD, orthopaedic surgery      
  • Robert C. Kern, MD, otolaryngology       
  • Gordon J.  Siegel, MD otolaryngology
  • Sandeep  Samant, MD, otolaryngology    
  • Honorio T.  Benzon, MD, anesthesiology      
  • Julius Warren  Few, MD, plastic surgery     
  • Gregory Ara  Dumanian, MD, plastic surgery      
  • Thomas Anthony  Mustoe, MD, plastic surgery      
  • Bharat Bhushan Mittal, MD, radiation oncology 
  • Magdy Peter Milad, MD, reproductive endocrinology       
  • Ralph Romanoff Kazer, MD, reproductive endocrinology          
  • Randall Brim Barnes, MD, reproductive endocrinology   
  • John Varga, MD, rheumatology            
  • Richard M. Pope, MD, rheumatology        
  • David Jason Bentrem, MD, surgery       
  • Michael Messod Abecassis, MD, surgery       
  • David Mehdi Mahvi, MD, surgery        
  • Nathaniel Jolas Soper, MD, surgery     
  • Nora Marie Hansen, MD, surgery      
  • Patrick M. McCarthy, MD, thoracic and cardiac surgery     
  • Malcolm M. DeCamp, MD, thoracic and cardiac surgery      
  • William J. Catalona, MD, urology          
  • James M. Kozlowski, MD, urology       
  • Anthony J. Schaeffer, MD, urology     
  • Riad Salem, MD, vascular and interventional radiology
  • Robert Vogelzang, MD, vascular and interventional radiology 
  • Albert A. Nemcek Jr. MD, vascular and interventional radiology 
Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital
  • Michael J. Hussey, MD, maternal and fetal medicine
  • Sharad N. Salvi, MD, pediatric hematology-oncology
  • Ammar Hayani, MD, pediatric hematology-oncology 
Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital 
  • William H. Pearce, MD, vascular surgery

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