Northwestern Medicine's Transplant Village To Host Living Donor Rally

Northwestern Medicine
Organ Donation and Transplantation April 08, 2018

Northwestern Medicine’s Transplant Village will host a Guinness World Record Attempt: Living Donor Rally. Through word of mouth and social media, we have over 900 people registered and 25 transplant organizations supporting. Of those 900 registrants we have donors coming from 39 states, Canada and India traveling to Chicago to meet us at the BEAN on Saturday, April 21, 2pm-6pm. The official Guinness count will begin at 3 pm sharp. We’ve purposefully selected Cloud Gate in Millennium Park because it is well-known as “The Bean”, a term that’s quite meaningful to those in the transplant community because it looks like a giant kidney.

The founders of Transplant Village are father and daughter duo, Laurie Lee and Dan Dickinson. Dan had a liver transplant in 2011. Laurie decided to pay it forward by donating her kidney in 2016 to an anonymous recipient. She simply wanted to give the gift of life to someone the way someone had done for her father. “I believe our story embodies the reason why this event is so powerful!,” said Laurie. “Often times, donors do not get the opportunity to meet in person, but for those willing, they’re able to connect online. Transplant donors and recipients are making high trust relationships and this event is satisfying a major need to bring these online relationships to the next level, meeting in person.”

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