Northwestern Ophthalmic Assistant Headed to Guatemala to Provide Free Eye Care, Glasses

Northwestern Medicine
Ophthalmology January 14, 2015
Ophthalmic assistant David KovachDavid Kovach, an ophthalmic assistant in Northwestern Medicine’s Vision Care Center, is taking his own vacation days off for a trip to Guatemala on January 31. On this trip, he won’t be checking any luggage.

Kovach is traveling to Central American for 10 days to provide eye exams in Guatemala City and a Guatemalan jungle. Working through VOSH International, or Volunteer Optometric Services for Humanity, Kovach’s checked luggage allowance will go toward equipment to make, on site, prescription eyeglasses for those who need them after the exams.

“I’ve volunteered in the past doing eye exams for low income adults and children in the United States who don’t have any medical insurance, giving them free glasses,” said Kovach. “This organization is completely volunteer based and I’m really excited to be able to use my skills in such a unique way.”

Kovach said he enjoys working as an ophthalmic assistant at Northwestern because they are the “first line” for patients seeking eye care.

“We are the first people the patients see, checking their vision, performing refractions, checking prescriptions and eye pressure,” he said. “Our patients are great and it’s an interesting field to work in.”
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