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Northwestern Medicine
Clinical Trials and Research January 15, 2014
Northwestern Medicine patient Jim Armstrong on his boat“I couldn’t feel my heartbeat. I couldn’t feel my pulse. I’d never felt so alive.”

While preparing for an annual boat race, Jim Armstrong suddenly found his health spiraling out of control. The specialists at Northwestern Medicine’s Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute discovered that due to severe heart failure, a revolutionary procedure was his only hope. Cardiac surgeons implanted two completely pulseless deceives to support his heart, leaving Jim without a pulse for four months until he underwent a successful heart transplant and one incredible recovery.  

Jim’s story is just one of several featured advertising stories hitting television, radio, newspapers and the Internet this month in the largest and most comprehensive Northwestern Medicine® advertising campaign to date. Clinical specialties featured range from oncology and cardiovascular to orthopaedics and neurosciences.

“We asked a few of our Northwestern Medicine patient champions to tell their stories in their own words,” said Norman Botsford, senior vice president, Marketing and Brand, Northwestern Memorial HealthCare. “These serve as examples of our exceptional care and how we positively impact patient experiences. We can take great pride in being associated with this nationally recognized organization.”

A variety of patient experiences are highlighted, telling the story of what Northwestern Medicine is and what we do, through the lenses of multiple specialties and services. The stories are told through patients’ eyes, featuring the patients themselves, and focus on the breakthrough care and treatments that changed their lives – delivering their personal ‘breakthroughs.’

We’ll also be sharing these breakthroughs on social media – you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look on Facebook; watch the TV commercials on YouTube; get an introduction to the patients on Instagram; a chance to meet the physicians behind the breakthroughs on our blog; and much more. Keep an eye out for the #NMBreakthroughs hashtag to get the latest news and information about the campaign.

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