Our Experts Weigh In on the 50th Anniversary of Transplant at Northwestern

Northwestern Medicine
Organ Donation and Transplantation April 10, 2014
Northwestern Medicine® is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its organ transplant program, which began Feb. 18, 1964. We wanted to see what some of our transplant experts had to say about this achievement, and how research being conducted today can improve organ transplantation in the future.
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In order of appearance, this video features the following Northwestern Medicine experts:

Northwestern Medicine's Comprehensive Transplant Center is one of the largest and most successful organ transplant centers in the America, and is a leader in both living liver and kidney transplantation. Since its first transplant in 1964, Northwestern Medicine has provided new organs for more than 6,000 people and has become a pioneer in transplantation research. In order to make these critical services available to as many people as possible, Northwestern Medicine has opened satellite clinics in locations that include Peoria, Moline, Glenview and Joliet in Illinois, and Portage, Indiana. In 2006, it also created its own Hispanic Transplant Program to better address the needs of the large Hispanic patient population who call the Chicago area home.

Organ recipients and family members of organ recipients may also join Transplant Village, an independent non-profit organization formed by Northwestern transplant patients to help support the Comprehensive Transplant Center.

To learn more about transplantation experts, services and research at Northwestern Medicine, please visit the center’s website or call 312.695.8900.

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