Parenting Newsletter Offers Tailored Information for Expectant and New Parents

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Women's Health June 18, 2013
Baby smiling to a mother's touchExpectant or new parents will experience many milestones throughout their pregnancy, labor and their baby’s first months and years. From first kicks to first steps and first words, pregnancy and a baby’s early years are all about new experiences. To help families prepare, Northwestern Memorial offers The Parent Review, a weekly parenting e-mail designed to guide you through pregnancy, labor and delivery and the first years of your baby's life. The newsletters offer compelling research-based content for expectant and new parents, while answering common questions and providing helpful information as you begin your journey as a parent.  The free newsletter also includes the following information:
  • Weekly support, tips and advice from Northwestern Memorial experts
  • Information about Northwestern Memorial programs and classes
  • Resources to help parents
  • Your baby’s development milestones, week by week
When you register for The Parent Review, you'll receive information tailored to your week of pregnancy through the first three years.

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To learn more about Pregnancy and Labor & Delivery, visit the Northwestern Prentice Women’s Hospital website.

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