Returning Patients to Active Lives with Joint Revision Surgery

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Orthopaedics March 28, 2012
Lalit Puri, MDSince I started working in hospitals, one of my favorite clinical areas to write about has always been orthopaedic surgery. What I love about ortho is that the stories so often show how medicine can truly improve quality of life.  In many cases, patients have lived months, or even years with pain and immobility, unable to do the things they love. Orthopaedic surgeons are able to help these people return to active lives, in some case even better than before they received treatment.

When I heard Georgann Maurice’s story for the first time, I was amazed by all she had survived. Georgann came to Northwestern Memorial to seek care from Lalit Puri, MD, an orthopaedic surgeon with expertise in joint revision surgery, after a long and serious health journey. After having a hip replacement at another hospital, she developed an infection which left her fighting for her life and required the prosthetic hip be removed. Maurice spent five months in hospitals trying to fight the infection and when she was finally strong enough to go home, she found herself challenged to do everyday things like go to the grocery store or continue to work as a hair stylist. Since the joint had been removed, Georgann was living with a temporary spacer that limited her mobility and required the use of a walker or wheel chair.

When she sought care from Dr. Puri, she was determined to regain an active life and get back to doing the things she loved. While she was fearful of another surgery, she was also very confident in Dr. Puri and the medical team at Northwestern and opted to move forward. Georgann’s journey ends with her taking up Zumba classes at age 57.  I think you will find her perseverance inspiring. 
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