Sports Cardiovascular Tips for Race Day

Northwestern Medicine
Cardiology October 08, 2014

While 2014 Chicago Marathon participants will be focused on maximizing race performance, it is important to check in with your body during the race, says R. Kannan Mutharasan, MD, co-director of Northwestern Medicine's Sports Cardiology Program. Mutharasan reminds runners to keep up with your nutrition, remain hydrated and to not be shy about seeking an opinion in one of the many provided medical tents if you are concerned about any issues during the race. 

If you are a seasoned runner or even an aspiring athlete,  the Sports Cardiology Program at Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute at Northwestern Memorial Hospital offers ways to help you exercise safely and efficiently. “At the Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute, we have specialized, trained physicians who have a focus in sports cardiology and would love to see you, evaluate you and make any recommendation specific to you person health history,” said Murtharasan. Learn more about all our cardiovascular programs.

The 37th annual running of the Bank of America Chicago Marathon will be held this Sunday, October 12. More than 71,000 people applied for the 2014 race; however, it has been announced that 45,000 runners have been accepted to participate in the event. Participants include: time qualifiers, legacy finishers, international tour groups and charity runners. They will compete on a course that is flat and fast for their 26.2 mile journey in hopes of making all of their training count.

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