The Transplant Patient and Family Assistance Fund

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Organ Donation and Transplantation April 18, 2014
Northwestern Medicine Transplant Center Where Tomorrows BeginPatients who are waiting for or have received organ transplants have complex, ongoing medical needs. In addition to frequent hospital visits, they often require medication and specialized care that is not usually covered by insurance or financial aid. The Transplant Patient and Family Assistance Fund was created to help patients with these costs when other options have been exhausted. Here are several examples of how this fund has helped patients in the past year:

  • Two patients were unable to obtain the medication Xifaxan, due to the prohibitive cost, and it was not covered by their insurance. (Xifaxan is a key medication for some patients with liver disease who suffer from encephalopathy.) Fortunately, help from the Transplant Patient Assistance Fund allowed these patients to obtain the required medication and have better a quality of life while they waited for liver transplants. 
  • A patient who received a liver and kidney transplant could not afford the medication Valcyte, which is given to prevent development of cytomegalovirus. This medication was not covered by Medicare Part D. Her social worker helped her receive aid through the Transplant Patient and Family Assistance Fund to cover the costs for Valcyte.
  • Another patient needed a medication called Itraconozole, a medication often prescribed for infections, which costs approximately $300 for four months. The patient was relieved and grateful when she found she could receive help for this expense.

You can help meet the immediate needs of transplant patients by supporting the Transplant Patient and Family Assistance Fund. To donate online, click here.

For more information about this fund and other philanthropic opportunities in transplant medicine, contact Ann Murray with Northwestern Memorial Foundation via email or at 312.926.7073.
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