Total Control-Bump on the Ball: Optimize Your Birthing Experience

Northwestern Medicine
Women's Health April 27, 2016
A women's body has special needs during pregnancy, and it's important to know more about these needs.  Northwestern Medicine is participating in groundbreaking research on an education and fitness program specifically designed for prenatal women, and we are looking for first-time moms planning on delivering at Prentice Women’s Hospital to participate in the study.
Called TOTAL CONTROL© BUMP ON THE BALL, this state-of-the-art education and exercise program was designed by board-certified Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery Practitioners, a board-certified Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist and certified Prenatal Exercise Specialists.  The Primary Investigator of this study is Dr. Christina Lewicky-Gaupp of the Integrated Pelvic Health Center affiliated with Northwestern Memorial Hospital.
With this project, we are giving first time moms a chance to participate in a Total Control© Prenatal Fitness and Wellness Class Program. Women who join this study will be randomly assigned based on chance to either the Total Control Program or to the control group, where they will not be enrolled in the program but will receive educational materials after delivery.

This study is specific to first time moms, who will be delivering at Prentice Women's Hospital.  Participants in the test group will need to have clearance from their care provider to exercise.  We are interested in finding out more about the labor experience of first time mothers.  We will be looking at factors that may have effects on the course of labor. 

 We need moms for both the test group and the control group who are interesting in joining our classes. Those who are eligible to join the study and are randomized to the Total Control: Bump on a Ball Program will participate in a prenatal workout class once a week for six weeks and will receive weekly emails with educational materials, exercises, and videos from some of the leading experts in pregnancy and pelvic health on how to optimize the birthing experience. All study participants, whether in the Total Control exercise program or the control group, will wear a pedometer and track their steps every day for 12 weeks. Study participants will not be charged for any study related procedures.   
For more information, or to see if you are eligible, call 312.695.7748.  
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