Unique Shoulder Repair Improves Recovery and Rehab Time

Northwestern Medicine
Orthopaedics February 10, 2014
Young female athlete sitting on locker room benchWhen collegiate goaltender Megan Miller injured her shoulder, she worried that her hockey season was over. She turned to Northwestern Medicine's orthopaedics specialists for help. When they told her that a minimally-invasive surgery could potentially cut her rehab time in half, Megan knew she was in the right place. In less than four months, Megan was back on the ice preparing for another season in goal.

Learn how orthopaedic surgeon Michael Terry, MD, is using minimally invasive surgeries to cut rehab time in half for patients with Superior Labrum Anterior and Posterior (SLAP) tears:

If we can do this for Megan, imagine what we can do for you. To discover your breakthrough, call 312.694.6066 or visit breakthroughs.nm.og.

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