United Way Honors Northwestern Medicine

Northwestern Medicine
News September 05, 2014
Noting that we raised more than $500,000 during last year’s United Way and Employee campaigns, the United Way recently presented Northwestern Medicine with three accolades.

Matthew Katzfey, director of Corporate Partnerships at United Way of Metropolitan Chicago, congratulated Northwestern Medicine for entering its top-25 list of fundraisers for the first time this year during a reception for our philanthropic ambassadors.

"That's an incredible accomplishment," Katzfey says. "A couple years ago we used to have kind of an informal competition in healthcare for the top hospital in the Chicago area. I don't want to mention who is second place, but you blew them out of the water."
Northwestern Medicine won The Employee Support Pillar Award, which highlights the company that best provides employees with opportunities to contribute to United Way, as well as the Top 25 Corporate Citizen Award, which recognizes organizations that exemplify the spirit of philanthropy.
Along with the two awards, Katzfey also gave Dean M. Harrison, president and CEO of Northwestern Memorial HealthCare, with a special trophy for his leadership role in raising money for the United Way across the Chicago area. Harrison is on the United Way of Metropolitan Chicago's Board of Directors and chair of its Campaign Cabinet Leadership Team.
"Whether it's the United Way or the American Cancer Society, the American Heart Association, March of Dimes or Chicago Cares, pick your flavor," Harrison says. "The fact is this is an organization where people care about its community and they care about each other."
But he added that the gauntlet has now been thrown down for next year. "As we've now broken into the top 25, our plan is to move our way up," Harrison says.

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