Volunteering Expands Horizons

Northwestern Medicine
News April 28, 2014
Imagine a world where every individual did something out of the ordinary for someone they’ve never met – what would the results be? Spectacular! Horizons would expand, adding depth and meaning to the lives of the contributors and recipients of these actions.

As a volunteer at the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer of Northwestern University I have had the privilege of becoming a stabilizing force in an individual’s life – during a time when the pendulum has a tendency to shift drastically. The empathy gained through my own experience has helped me understand the difference that a smile or a conversation can make. I’m proud to be able to give back and grateful to be able to participate in this seemingly simple, but important way.

The Lurie Cancer Center’s volunteers make an important difference in the lives of patients and their families. The success of the annual Cancer Survivors’ Celebration Walk & 5K depends on our volunteers, and there are many opportunities to help during the days leading up to the event, and at the Celebration on June 1. Talk to friends and family about volunteering together! Many of the ways to volunteer are listed here.

Joy Geallis is a member of the Lurie Cancer Center’s Patient & Family Advisory Board.
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