Westinghouse College Prep Introduced to Medical Careers at Northwestern

Northwestern Medicine
For Students January 02, 2015
More than 30 young men from Westinghouse College Prep spent Dec. 15, 2014 at Northwestern’s downtown Chicago campus through the Northwestern Medicine Scholars Program.

The Men in Medicine event was designed to introduce Westinghouse’s young men to all kinds of medical careers, including nursing, medical research or becoming a physician. When the Northwestern Medicine Scholars Program began in 2011, the applicants were overwhelmingly girls. Men in Medicine was designed as a way to help balance the gender ratio in the program. 

“We wanted to point out to boys this is a cool thing to do, and to get them interested so we have more equal representation of the genders,” said Dr. Nathaniel J. Soper, Northwestern's chief of surgery and director of minimally invasive surgery.

Activities for the day included learning how to suture, working in a simulation lab and a lunch with Northwestern physicians designed to encourage discussion among the students and professionals.

Northwestern Medicine Scholars involves a variety of activities planned in partnership with Westinghouse College Prep, a Chicago Public Schools selective enrollment high school. Learn more about Northwestern Medicine Scholars.