What You Should Know about the MERS Virus

Northwestern Medicine
Infectious Disease May 20, 2014
There has been a lot of news recently regarding the Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS), a viral respiratory disease caused by a novel coronavirus (MERSā€CoV), but few know the facts about the MERS virus. 
  • What is the MERS virus?
  • What are its symptoms?
  • How is it spread from one person to another?
  • How is MERS treated?
  • How serious is the threat of infection from MERS?
Take a look at the video below with Teresa R. Zembower, MD, medical director for healthcare epidemiology at Northwestern Medicine®, as she addresses each of these concerns.

For further information, please visit the CDC website. Illinois residents with additional questions or concerns can also call the MERS-CoV Hotline at the Illinois Poison Control Center at 1-844-565-0256.

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