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Northwestern Medicine
Cardiology September 18, 2012

Edie Pacheco, RNEdie Pacheco, RN, a cardiac nurse with Northwestern Medical Faculty Foundation, is helping to coordinate organizationwide participation in the American Heart Association’s 2012 Metro Chicago Heart Walk.  The loss of her mother and uncle motivated Edie to join the Heart Walk. In her own words, Edie explains why she is passionate about supporting this cause.

My motivation to become engaged in the heart walk was intensified following the loss of my mother several years ago. I performed CPR between tears and sobs, waiting for the emergency services to arrive. While she didn't make it through the ordeal, my love and dedication to her drive my current efforts.

The American Heart Association has done awesome research and ultimately done some great work with educating our community on the knowledge and mechanics of CPR. We all must know CPR, you might need to use it one day on a loved one.

Also on behalf of my favorite uncle who died of a preventable heart disease complication, something as simple as hypertension took his life in the end.

Awareness, education and prevention are three important contributions by the American Heart Association that we can help fund through our support of the Heart Walk.

I love the AHA heart walk. The heart walk to me means friends, colleagues and neighbors walking together to focus on increasing the awareness of heart disease. With so many folks in our community and across the world at risk, increasing awareness of the prevention of heart disease is an important way to save lives.

Go Northwestern Medicine Team….. for the Rebeca Pacheco’s and the Alfredo Nuñez’ out there! Let’s do this!

Join Northwestern's Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute for the 2012 American Heart Association Heart Walk and help support life-saving research and initiatives. Bring your energy, your passion and your stories - let your footsteps be heard!

Friday, September 28
11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Grant Park, upper Hutchinson Field

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