Winterizing Outdoor Running

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Health and Wellness January 03, 2012
Snowy StreetChicago is a city made for runners with its miles of lakefront and riverside paths, low traffic neighborhood streets and scenery to keep each run interesting and unique. However, even the most dedicated runners might second guess their routines when the temperatures drop and the icy cold wind and waves of Lake Michigan make it hard to remember the summer months. Those who are willing to brave the elements and run outdoors even in the coldest, snowiest parts of the winter, should be aware of hazards the season may present and take precautions to stay safe. 

Slippery surfaces, chilling temperatures and sidewalks full of snow are among the risks winter running enthusiasts navigate. In addition, prolonged exposure to extremely cold temperature can also bring on frostbite and hypothermia. Orthopaedic surgeon and sports medicine physician Michael Terry, MD recently offered tips for running safely outdoors this winter in an article that appeared in the Northwest Indiana Times. Terry emphasized the importance of warming up before working out in cold temperatures and says the simplest way to avoid the winter hazards when running is to stay inside.  “Treadmills are safe and the surface is set up to have some give and reduce some of the pounding you get doing road work,” said Terry.

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