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Breast Care Medical Co Directors Named at Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital

Lake Forest Hospital March 30, 2006

LAKE FOREST, IL – Drs. Stephen Ganshirt and Beth Sylvester-Cook will share clinical leadership and oversight responsibilities as the first medical co-directors of the Comprehensive Breast Care Center at Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital (LFH). Their appointments, announced by the center’s Medical Advisory Council, are an integral part of the ongoing process of creating an even more comprehensive approach to clinical health-care services for women with an emphasis on prevention and early detection of diseases and conditions.

Ganshirt, a Lake Forest surgeon, has been member of the Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital Medical Staff since 1994.

He chairs the Department of Surgery and also has served as the hospital’s trauma director and chairman of Lake Forest Managed Care Association. In looking forward to his leadership role at the Comprehensive Breast Care Center, Ganshirt says, “I’m very excited for this opportunity to work with Dr. Sylvester to organize the center in a way that will be much more convenient for our patients while providing them access to all the latest treatment opportunities available anywhere.”

Sylvester-Cook, a diagnostic radiologist, spends the majority of her practice at the Comprehensive Breast Care Center overseeing and interpreting mammograms, breast ultrasounds and MRIs as well as performing a variety of imaging-guided breast needle core biopsies. “My goal as medical co-director is simple and heartfelt – to continue to provide the competent services we already have in place, but in a kinder, more comprehensive fashion,” she says. “This includes monitoring expectations after a simple screening mammogram, adequately explaining results and recommendations after a diagnostic exam, and guiding patients diagnosed with cancer through the treatment process.”

The Comprehensive Breast Care Center is a key component of the Hunter Family Center for Women’s Health at Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital. Its Medical Advisory Council, comprised of eight physicians representing all specialties relating to breast care, is guiding development of a truly seamless breast care program for patients and their families. Serving with Ganshirt and Sylvester-Cook as council members are Dr. Heather Heiberger, OB/GYN; Dr. Thomas Mientus, pathology; Dr. Marc Posner, radiation oncology; Dr. Anthony Terrasse, plastic surgery; Dr. Dean Tsarwhas, medical oncology; and Dr. Shana Weiss, internal medicine. In addition, four hospital officials serve as ad hoc members of the council, making it a truly multi-disciplinary team. They are Vice President Marsha Oberrieder, Executive Director of Women’s Services Kim Nagy, Director of Diagnostic Imaging Susan Becker, and Posy Krehbiel Prevention & Wellness Center Manager Pauline Norton.

The next step will be the hiring of a nurse navigator, who will provide individualized coordination of care by serving as a consultant, educator, practitioner and researcher for each Comprehensive Breast Care Center patient and her family.

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