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Father, Daughter Bring Unique Sense of Family to Doctors' Office in Lake County

Lake Forest Hospital October 26, 2006

LAKE FOREST, IL – Many parents often wish that their children would follow in their footsteps. In the case of Dr. William E. Woods, this is exactly what happened. Woods and his daughter, Dr. Carmen Woods Hollowell, are in practice together as obstetricians/gynecologists. With offices in Park City and Lindenhurst, they are the only father/daughter doctor team in Lake County. Both are members of the Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital medical staff.

Woods Hollowell says that her father never pushed her into being a doctor, and that it was her choice. “He encouraged us to do whatever we liked. However, seeing him excel and obtain such personal and professional satisfaction was a factor,” she says. Woods Hollowell describes her father as a Renaissance man, whose interest in many different things led his children into many different activities.

The two doctors have been in practice together since 1999. Woods Hollowell describes working with her father as absolutely wonderful. “Most people only know their parents in one dynamic,” she says. “It makes your relationship much richer because you can respect, admire and love them on a personal and professional level.” She says her patients love the fact that we are “families taking care of families.”

The Woods family’s ties to the medical field don’t stop here. One of Woods Hollowell’s sisters is a psychiatrist. Woods Hollowell’s husband and his father are both urologists. In addition, Essie Woods, Woods Hollowell’s mother and Woods’ wife, is their office manager.

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