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Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital Employees Reach 40-Years

Lake Forest Hospital September 14, 2006

LAKE FOREST, IL – Working at one place for 40 years may sounds like a drag to some people, but Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital Maternity Services nurse Jean Ewing, RN, of Waukegan and engineer Dan Niskanen of Winthrop Harbor wouldn’t have it any other way. Both Ewing and Niskanen have been employed at Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital for 40 years and counting.

Ewing started as a nurse in Surgery and has worked the second shift (by choice) for all of her 40 years. Niskanen started working in the laundry department and then began doing some maintenance work for the hospital.

Then-hospital president George Caldwell soon approached Niskanen about continuing his education and receiving a degree in engineering. Caldwell said that Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital would pay for his schooling, and Niskanen accepted and continued to work during the day while taking classes at night.

Both Ewing and Niskanen remember lots of physical changes being made to the hospital, with additions of buildings and wings over the years. Ewing says, “The operating room, recovery, and labor delivery were all very small.” Niskanen remembers when the West Wing, 800 Medical Office Building and Westmoreland Nursing Center all were built. “I remember when the 700 medical office buildings used to be the nurses’ quarters,” he says.

Ewing says that she loves that people at Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital are always willing to share what they learned with you, and that it’s a very friendly place to work. She says that her favorite part of the job as a maternity nurse is the babies. “I get to see new life every single day, and it is so beautiful,” Ewing adds. “It’s like family here. I like to come to work and I feel very honored that they let me come.”

Niskanen’s job involves many different aspects of engineering and special systems. In addition, he trains fellow engineers on new machinery and technology. Niskanen thinks it’s great that there is so much in-house training at the hospital, and says he enjoys doing it.

“Everyone has been so nice, it’s like a family,” he says. “This is the number-one hospital, it goes above and beyond everyone’s expectation’s with maintenance.”

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