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Chicago Thoracic Surgery Experts Join Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital

Northwestern Memorial Hospital September 24, 2008

University Thoracic Surgeons, under the direction of Michael Liptay, M.D., has been a pioneer and leader in recent years in minimally invasive surgical techniques and cutting edge research protocols, including new screening applications, blood type studies and post-surgical vaccines aimed at improving prognosis and reducing recurrence rates of lung and esophageal cancers.

Dr. Liptay and his team, including surgeons Anthony W. Kim, M.D. and William Warren, M.D., nurse coordinator Kathy Culiner Abt and four physicians assistants, are bringing their expertise to Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital.

"I was on staff at Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital for a number of years and have great respect for the primary care physicians, pulmonologists and gastroenterologists with whom I worked," said Dr. Liptay, former Chief of Thoracic Surgery at ENH before being named Head of Thoracic Surgery and Co-Director of the Thoracic Oncology Program at Rush University Medical Center. "I am looking forward to working with them again to help establish the premier program in the area.

"We’ve been working with Tom McAfee and his leadership team at Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital to build a program at Lake Forest that will set the standard in Lake County for lung cancer care and minimally invasive thoracic surgery in particular," said Dr. Liptay.

"If we can shorten hospital stays and recovery for surgical patients who might need chemotherapy…" Dr. Liptay added, "if we can develop a post-surgical vaccine that would greatly reduce the likelihood of cancer recurrence following lung surgery…if we can identify via radiographic testing and treat smaller chest tumors before they have a chance to grow and spread…then we must enhance our ability to deliver this level of medicine to a much larger patient population.

"Working with Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital is a great next step."

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