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Annual Speaker Series Sheds Light on Anxiety

Lake Forest Hospital October 26, 2011

LAKE FOREST, IL – Dozens of women from the Lake Forest community gathered to hear one of Northwestern Memorial Hospital’s top clinical and adolescent psychologists speak on adolescent anxiety at the seventh annual Speaker Series hosted by the Women’s Health Advisory Council of Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital. Mark Reinecke, PhD, author of more than 50 publications on the topic, provided parents and community members with insight on what causes anxiety in adolescents and adults, and ways to productively manage that anxiety.

“It’s important for parents and children to accept that they will never have complete control over the way events turn out, especially when it comes to being accepted by their peers and getting good grades. Parents need to reinforce effort rather than outcome to help avoid perfectionism. Research shows perfectionism is highly correlated with depression and anxiety,” Dr. Reinecke emphasized.

He also provided parents with insights into managing anxieties that they themselves may experience. “Oftentimes, our kids learn how to manage their stress through the examples we set for them,” Reinecke said. The discussion was followed by an open question and answer session, as well as a book signing.

“Adolescent depression is more widespread than you might think,” said Jeanna Park, who was one of the chairs of this year’s event. “This year’s talk was a great success because, in addition to being well- attended, it really hit home with the community. We’re so grateful that the alliance with NMH has expanded our talent pool and given us access to an incredible doctor like Dr. Reinecke.”

The Women’s Health Advisory Council of Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital organizes its annual Speaker Series around health and wellness topics that are relevant to the local community. Past speakers have included Alexandra Stoddard, Dr. Christiane Northrup, former U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Antonia Novello, “The Price of Privilege” author Madeline Levine, PhD and food expert Marion Nestle.

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